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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  November 25, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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the wild." i'm going to have a cold shower. good evening. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." power and protests. furious demonstrators take to the square in cairo as egypt's new president rewrites the rules. let's make a deal. will the white house and congress finally see eye to eye on the fiscal cliff? we're just over 24024-inch hours from the start of bargaining time. plus --
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>> push one of my kids and i will stab you. >> the crowds are rowdy, rough, and downright rude, and the holiday season has only just begun. -- captions by vitac -- it is sunday, november 25th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. overnight protesters clashed with security forces. this was the scene in. cnn's reza sayah is live this morning. how far are they actually spreading now? >> randi, the protests seem to
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be spreading. according to the interior ministry starting last night and continuing on to terrell morning hours, there were protests, demonstrations in the northern city. according to the government officials, they tried to attack the offices of the muslim breerhood and that's when you had clashes between the muslim brotherhood and their supporters and anti-mohamed morsi protesters. there were a number of injuries there. also reports of demonstrations in the city of as yut. i'm going to carefully step aside and have a live look at what the square looks light now. i would say a few thousand people still here and we're continuing see the clashes between the protesters and police this morning.
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this morning there was fire to try to disperse crowds. why this is taking place in the square, there are a number of moves and decisions being made by opposing factions to apply pressure on mr. morsi, opposie ing factions have decided to call for a 1 million-man protest and also the muslim brotherhood has called for a 1 million man protest. >> do you have a handel compares to those who are against him at this point? >> yeah. keep in mind the muslim brotherhood and president mohamed morsi have a tremendous amount of it. the muslim brotherhood have called for protests and demonstrations today. of course jourks the 1 million-man protest they've
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called for on tuesday. that's what makes these developments very dramatic. opposing factions opposed to mr. morsi and his recent decrees and then his support. a lot of backing from the muslim brotherhood. >> reza, thank you. if you're headed out to the airport, you're not alone. about 2.4 million people are expected to head back home. if you're wondering what to expect, nick valencia has you covered. nick, good morning to you. >> good morning, randi. >> for anybody heading to the airport, how are they looking? >> this is the busiest day. those watching at the airport, they know it. it's a little too early to hear back from some of those spokespeople, but we'll have an update next hour. 2.4 million traveling today. that's a shade more than those traveling on thanksgiving, 2.3
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million. los angeles, o'hare, they've gone back and forth trading the last couple of years. this year more people are traveling than last year. even though tickets are slightly more. the ticket prices are slightly higher up. still, 2.4 million people traveling. >> what about the roads? >> wednesday through sunday is the official holiday period and in that alone 6.4 million people. people taking buses, cars, plane, finding all sorts of alternative ways to get around the u.s. this year or today, i should say, is slightly busier than tomorrow. let's also take a look at this live flight tracker as well. i believe we have that. there we go. it takes a look at all the flights up in the northeast, those northeastern cities still feeling a little bit of the effects from superstorm sandy,
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but travel looks to be clear right now. now delays that we have information on as of yet but we'll have more next half hour. >> all right. appreciate it. in other news a massivefire tore through an entire city block. two firefighters were injured when a three-story building that made up the block collapsed. as many as 100 ffrs were on the scene. the building houses several businesses and apartments. no one else was injured. in bangladesh, at least 17 were killed, two others injured. hundreds of the top floor were trapped by the flames. some jumped out of the windows trying to escape. search groups still haven't been able to reach all parts of the building. and look at this massive fire on a yacht off the coast of miami. the coast guard said it was about to board the boat as part of the routine inspection when
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the fire broke out. the three passengers jumped into the water and were rescued. witnesses were shocked at how quickly that boat burned. >> by the time i got there, it started from the top of the vessel, the most or yacht and started working its way down, eating up all the fiberglass sfroo from the front to the back it was entirely engulfed. >> it was amazing. all the smoke and ships steaming toward it at a high rate of speed. >> the coast guard said the burned boat will be brought back to show. in entertainment news fans and friends are remembering larry hagman. he passed away at 81. his family said it was cancer. a makeshift memorial popped up on the sidewalk of the hollywood walk of fame and to remember the man who was more than j.r.
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ewing. >> he was also very giving. he had several different programs he helped with, particularly the children in the arts and education. >> we thought it was a fitting tribute to pay our respects. we grew up. we remember the show, who shot j.r. and all that. it's sad. it's really sad. don't make me cry. >> we'll have much more on larry hagman later on in the hour. in glendale, california, people no doubt got a little bit of a shock when they saw this. yes, take a look. you are seeing that right. it is a camel running past a gas station. the camel escaped from a circus performing nearby. >> i see like ten people run after this camel, all cars stop, complete chaos. i don't think that street has seen so much action. >> the circus handlers finally caught up with the camel and it's finally back under the big
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top. there's still no thought if it was looking for black friday deal. so many jokings, so little time. even though no one won last night's jackpot, people in eight state won $1 million prizes. listen in case it's you. >> i hope you've got your tickets ready. good luck. starting out with number 22. right after that. 32 here's a picture of joseph and sally from ill paso texas. next number up is 37. then 44. we're going to round it out this evening with 50. now for tonight's winning ball number and for the jackpot it is the number 34. >> the next drawing is on wednesday night. good luck, everyone. the fiscal cliff is fast
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approaching with congress getting back to business this week, is there new hope that a deal can get done? and hopefully congress will be able to avoid a scene like this one. a close-up view of mayhem at the mall during black friday. what do you got? restrained driver in a motor vehicle. sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please!
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. good morning, washington, d.c. take a good look at the shot of the capitol building there. the lights are on. maybe people are already at work. glad to see you on cnn. congress gets back to work this week. there's a lot of the agenda but not a whole lot of time to get it done. the senate starts tomorrow, the house started tuesday. but with things like the fiscal cliff and things like violence, they have three full weeks to get that job done. but any deal on the fiscal cliff will probably go down to the wire if it gets done at all. if you're keeping score, there are 37 days left until we hit
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the cliff and tax rates go up for every american. cnn's athena jones has more now on the any dwoenany negotiation. randi, folks here in washington are wondering if this week will mark a turning point between republicans and democrats. after meeting with president obama before the thanksgiving holiday -- >> well, i want to welcome the conventional leadership here -- >> reporter: congressional leaders express optimism about reaching a deal to avoid $500 billion in tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect next year. >> we had a very constructive meeting with the president to talk about america's fiscal problem. >> we have the corner stones of being able to work something out. >> reporter: staffers have been working behind the scenes to find common ground. the big sticking points, how to bring in more tax revenue and reduce things like medicare. but it's not clear when the
3:15 am
president and lawmakers will meet next. and even if some progress is made this week, a final deal could still be a long way off. >> we rarely see the hill and the white house make decisions ear early. they tend to do bet when they have a deadline. i would be pleasantly surprised to see a deal emerge earlier ler than the end of the year, but we'll see. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid said before the break that they hoped to have another meeting with the president this week. randi? >> athena jones, thank you very much. the fiscal cliff wasn't on the president's mind while he was out christmas shopping though the reporters tried to ask him about it. the president and this daughter sasha and malia stopped by. the president bought 15 children's zbiks to be given to
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welcome back. 20 minutes past the hour now. african leaders are urging rebel fighters in the eastern democratic republic of the congo to put down their gun. the head of the so-called m 23 guns met with the president earlier this week. earlier they demanded the rebels pull back from the captured city of goma. there are also fears that armed factions are recruiting children
3:21 am
into the ranks. >> m 23 has apparently grown significantly in numbers over the past days and there are other armed grouped operating in the area, which raises the likelihood of the recruitment of children, particularly those children who have already been recruited and separated from armed groups. >> it's not clear if the rebels will agree to stop fighting but there are reports that the meeting went well. a newspaper editor has quit his job. michael oh cain resigned from the irish daily star this weekend. in september it once of several european papers that showed pictures of the princess topless. three-time world boxing champ will be buried in new york. the 50-year-old was taken off life support and pronounced dead
3:22 am
yesterday hchl e had been declared clinically brain dead two days on thursday after a gunman shot him. it is a mystery that has lingered for eight years. was yasser arafat murdered? we may find out tuesday. forensic scientists will skrexh the body of him and take tests for poisoning. rumors and speculation have continued ever since arafat died suddenly in 2004 at age 75. a high-level hamas delegation is in cairo to put the finishing touches on its cease-fire deal with israel. they will focus on easing israel's blockade of gaza opening border crosses. a defeent hamas meanwhile admitted it is the rail willer
3:23 am
and as jien brine todd reports it's raced its profile and street credit. >> reporter: in gaza, celebrations and declarations of victory. this is the side which had scores of its facilities destroyed, more than 100 of its people killed. yet for hamas it signifies a strategy that works. >> i think people will feel now the only way which can push israel is resistance. many observers agree, hamas emerges from this conflict stronger than it was before. >> so in many ways it's consolidated its support and more sniet was the rockets that put the palestinian back on stage. hamas also has the support of regional powers turkey, egypt, and qatar. many say internally hamas's
3:24 am
street credit has grown stronger. in the west bank the stronghold of fatah signalled who they thought was fighting for them while abbas remained almost invisible. >> he never looks good when he's standing by while plichalestini are dying. israelis are dying too. it doesn't make mahmoud abbas to be standing i'dably by. >> reporter: the opening of blockades. what does it mean for security in the region? >> i don't think that the hamas will become more moderate but i think it's much more pragmatic than many people actually attribute to it. they show the eternity to a cease-fire will be a groundfire
3:25 am
by israelis. >> reporter: it's not as if israel never negotiations with hamas. they must have spoken indirectly with them. and after they captured a soldier and held him for five years, israel negotiated to get him released. lessons learned black friday, don't come between shoppshop shopp shoppers and their door busters. more sounds from the start of the busiest shopping season, but for this las vegas team this was inspired for a very different reason. we'll take you inside for a very special holiday home coming. if we want to improve our schools...
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3:30 am
frenzy, but take a listen to some of the sounds. man, oh, man. the holiday shopping season clearly off to a rowdy start as thousands camped out and crowded errand their favorite deals. it wu so chaotic for this manager she told people she didn't want to open for business. several big named retailers opening at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. but now that the hustle and bustle and elbow throwing is all over, did it actually help retail rake in the green. one estimate shows that while number of shoppers increased total sales fell by nearly 2%. we'll learn more today as the national retailers release their
3:31 am
resul results. maybe you'll log on tomorrow for cyber monday deals. people are expected to spend $1.5 billion tomorrow. are we losing the true meaning of the holiday? joining us to talk about it is bill talon, aka reverend billy founder of the church stop shopping. focused on stopping fighting over consumption. you and your stop shopping gospel choir will be performing. what message do you want to send to people there? >> well, that frenzy that you just witnessed, it's like a reverse sandy. it's a superstorm of people. thing that we have to make a choice between our storms. we have -- if we have more human storms like that, the storms coming from the earth will just
3:32 am
guest worse and worse. schonning is not value. it's fossil centric. it depending on coal and fire and us being mesmerized, hip know advertised. it's not neutral. it sets us up for worse and worse viral events. >> do you think it sets us up for a carbon footprint. >> but also on our brains and souls sister randi. we're in trouble with our own activity. our presidential candidates were barely able to say the phrase climate change. it wasn't until super sandy hit new york that our politicians broke the taboo, they broke their tell prompt ters and finally said climate change. we've got real problem here. we have to admit last year we had 900 tornadoes and the storms keep getting bigger and bigger and the droughts and the floods
3:33 am
and the tsunamis. more than 4,000 people in the last 12 months have been killed by climate change events. we have to admit the scale of the problem we face, amen. >> you've about been trying to stop shopping for 13 years and every year we see the video we just showed, the crowds on black friday. what do you think is behind all this commercialization of christmas? >> first of all, i would argue there's a quiet revolution taking place. many people are not there at those macy's and walmarts, or am i not supposed to mention them because they're your advertisers? >> you can mention anybody you want. >> many are involved in transportations. we're walking more, using mass transit more, making our food locally and farmers markets very
3:34 am
burgeoning. a few years ago walmart and other big box stores were killing our main street economies but main street economist are coming back, amen, halleluiah, so that's a good thing. i think things are taking place. we call it the quiet revolution. we're encouraged. >> let me ask you about your history. you've been arrested more than 70 times. you mentioned walmart, starbucks, disney. is it worth getting arrested? some of these companies are doing good. after sandy donated 1$1.5 mill n million. starbucks donated to the red cross. disney donate 2d million. is it all worth it for you? >> it's worth it to me personally, sister randi. i believe it's how we hip know
3:35 am
tiez ourselves into doing the wrong thing. we don't have to sell 50e67 other into the ground anymore. the pt barnum of suckers born every minute, that era cannot continue. the earth has got to be euro god, our boss. super sandy is a thousand-mile-wide storm. we even had unprecedented extreme events. not just climate event bus coming within the earth, tsunamis and earthquakes, volcanos over recent years. extreme natural events have tripled since 1980. let's take this seriously. this is the earth speaking to us. sandy di has a mention for us. >> all right. bill talon live for us this
3:36 am
morning. good luck. >> earthalulia to you children, earthalulia. >> we've got an early morning sup prize for one las vegas military family. riley morris was in the middle of dance class when her dad sergeant major ronald morris walked into the room. he wasn't supposed to be home yet from his 14-month tour, so his kids were not expecting him for thanksgiving. the family says they are thankful to be together and safe. and if that one made you tear up just a little bit, this one will make you laugh. ♪ troops in afghanistan made their
3:37 am
own version but rather than use carly's video they did a shot by shot remake of the one made by the miami dolphins cheer leaders there. they got it down. every hair flip, every hip dip, every hand ear like a phone but instead of coming out of a troop, you can see there they were buried in sand and no tour buses in afghanistan. these soldiers ride in tanks. nicely done, guys. mexican president felipe calderon is trying to get the united states out of mexico. we'll explain in this week's cnn hero. i get on my bike and go ride up in the mountains but real just brings peace. and in my drug and alcohol use it was the opposite. i got into it pretty young. by the time i was 15 i was using pretty serious drugs. when i got sober, i lost my
3:38 am
group of friends because they were still out drinking and using. i got into boxing, climbing, triathlon. i had a new group of friends. i completely redefined myself. i'm scott strode and i want to help people find a better life being sober. >> welcome to friday night climbing. >> they offer about 50 events a week. all the programs are free to anybody who has 48 hours sober. you see that they're capable of whatever you put your mind too. we have this common connection, so it's easy to make new friends. we do life ride rides, hiking i triathlon training. it really is a group of new folks to hang out with. i'm an example of hitting rock bottom. i had a heroine overdose. they had to jump start me with the paddles.
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going out biking, boxes, hitting the bag really fills the void. it's the best i can imagine having. >> we're having fun and proud of being sober. so come out and go climbing with us. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
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welcome back to "early start weekend." if you're not in front of your
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television right now, you need to get over there. look at this incredible shot of the nation's capitol we wanted to share with you this morning. take a look at that sky. we've been watching it all morning in studio and it keeps getting better and better. take a look at that. glad you're with us this morning. we want to talk a little bit about mexico right now. the country's name is not really mexico, at least not officially, but president felipe calderon wants to make it official. the question, of course, is while. here to answer that, of course, is nadia bilchik. good morning. >> good morning. >> it actually is united mexican states. >> exactly. >> how many people say that. >> you never say i'm going to united mexican states nation. you just say i'm going to mexico. so calderon would like it to be part of his legacy because he leaves office next saturday but he wants to change the name just
3:44 am
to mexico. >> so i guess the question is, though, why challenge it. >> why is it so important to him? >> because it became the name in 1824 when inspired by american independence leaders, they said if it's the united states of america and they've done so much in terms of independence, we should have united mexican states. >> so what is the like lie hood of this getting done. you said he's leaving office saturday. >> he said he doesn't want a name that emulated another country and that no one uses on a daily basis. and theness chas are very unlikely because enrico penneta becomes president next week, you don't think it's going to be high on his list. >> jay. they have drugs, violence, a whole lot of things. >> certainly. but it won't think.
3:45 am
persia became iran, rhodesia, zim bob wa ceylon, sri lanka, and burma, mayanmar. >> we'll check back with you later on. remembering a television icon. fans gathered to say good-bye to larry hagman. we eek take a look at their tribute. oh no, not a migraine now.
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welcome back. i hope you all had great thanksgiving week with friends and family. time for us to get you ready for the week ahead. if you haven't had enough holiday shopping yet, guess what? tomorrow is cyber monday. spending is expected to top $1.5 billion. that's the way i like do it. stay away from those crazy stores. also speaking of spending, also on monday congress returns to washington from its holiday. it will be under pressure to
3:50 am
avert the budget deal and keep us from going over the fiscal cliff. on tuesday we're going to be talking a lot about yasser arafat. his body is going to be exhumed. he died suddenly in 2004 at the age of 75 and they think that maybe he was poisoned. so they'll be looking into that. on wednesday we'll see the beg lighting on the rock fell ler christmas tree, a true symbol that christmas is actually approaching. it will be decked out this year with more than 30,000 colored lights. if you missed it, lit remain lit through january 7th so you can get to new york maybe and check it out. on sunday, a big day at cnn. a tradition continues. cnn will honor the top heroes. it's hosted by anderson.
3:51 am
patrick duffy described larry hagman. hagman died friday. this weekend friends and fans are remembering the 81-year-old actor. here's cnn entertainment correspondent kareen wynter >> that's right. he had a long and storied career in hoyle. he started in "i dream of jea e jeanie" and then "dallas." the show ran from 1978 to 1991. the "who shot j.r. episode" was the best show watched of all time. hagman was actually filming episode for the second season short by-his death. the second season is set to air in january and while there are
3:52 am
reports that he shot at least six episodes, no word on how writers plan to address the sad news of hi passing. and his dallas co-stars have been reacting to twitter and facebook with linda grey writing earlier, he was a wonderful, dear, bigger than life friend and barbara eden remembering his big laughs, big smiles, and unrestrained personality. the cast and crew of "dallas" releasing this statement, larry hagman was a giant, a larger-than-life personalities who iconic performance as j.r. ewing will endure as one of the most indelible in entertainment history. he truly loved portraying this globally recognized character and he leaves a legacy of entertainment, generosity, and grace. fans remember his legacy. >> everything seemed to be going so well and he had an opportunity to reinvigorate his
3:53 am
career. and the new show seemed to be doing well and everyone was just excited to see all of those characters that they had loved for so long back on the show. it was pretty amazing that they aagreed to come back and do that together. i'm not sure how it's going to work without him. >> the recent revival of dallas. i caught those episodes. great stuff. i can't believe he was 81 plays that role. if anyone has a chance to tune in, i guess the second season was renewed. >> he revealed he had cancer, but while he didn't talk specifics he referred to it as a common and triedable form. he leaves behind a wife, daughter, son, and long memorable career. kareen wynter, cnn, hollywood. o i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago.
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my money. my choice. my meineke. a 9-year-old girl who was bullied because of the way her clothes looked has come up with plan to fight bullying. now her district in alamosa is adopting a plan. isabella griffin said she wanted to step in when kids made fun of a special needs student. >> i stood up for myself and i would like to stand up for even. >> her program is called be a buddy not a bully, and yesterday i talked to isabella and her dad john about it and asked how she came up with her tips to stop the bullies. >> i remembered what i did for myself and i know what i could do for others, so i thought about what i could say to them
3:58 am
to make them feel better like don't listen to them, they're wrong or be who you are. you're fine the way you are. and something like that. >> john, you must be so proud of your daughter. did you expect this to come out of the work that she was doing? >> absolutely not. basically isabella brought -- sat me down and presented 20 pages worth of information on why she wanted to create a plug in school. and when i really sat down and i looked at even that she was doing it was kind of like we need to take this to the principal because this plan and this model, i think, can be instituted not only in the alamosa school district but i think it can be a model for schools nationwide. so once i saw what she had, i
3:59 am
wanted to take it further and at least show her that she has our support and if it only goes down, that's a great. to be on cnn is actually kind of shocking. >> well, i think the program being there is wonderful as well. but i want to read to "be a buddy motto." i'll respect myself and others, be a friend to those being bullying. i'll be a buddy, not a bully. what's your advice to others. when you see someone being bu y bullying how do you become a buddy? how do you step? ? what's the right way to go about it. >> well, if you see somebody being bullying you can tell the bully to stop. if that doesn't work, you can walk the person that's being picked on away from the situation and tell them some of those